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Company news
[Company news] T direct injection of digital printing of cotton T-shirt update:18-04-12
Sketch: XHXH series direct injection T T-shirt inkjet printer 产品打印尺寸 11
[Company news] Health and environmental protection EPSON micro jet printing leads the new trend of home textile mar update:18-04-12
Sketch: On 24-27 August 2016, China International Household Textiles and excipients (Qiu Dong) Expo opened
[Company news] What is the difference between transfer printing and water printing? update:18-04-12
Sketch: What is the difference between transfer printing and water printing?Transfer printing has sublimati
[Company news] What is rhyme dress, rhyme, what prints, aerobic clothing, and fabric functions cannot be destroyed update:18-04-12
Sketch: We have done this. The fabric is mainly elastic fabric, just like the Yoga dress, which is tight.We
[Company news] What is the size of printing, the largest and the size of printed pattern? update:18-04-12
Sketch: The principle of digital printing technology makes the product break the restriction of the color a
[Company news] Provide digital printing, transfer printing, printing proofing and small batch production service. update:18-04-12
Sketch: Digital printing does not need to make a screen, no color restriction, low cost, rapid delivery, ca
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