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Customer service center

Requirement analysis: confirm the function module, the printer type and quantity, confirm the way of customer login and network and hardware environment.
Implementation: before implementing the implementation group, the software and hardware environment of the customer site is confirmed; the resources provided by the customer are required, the list of resources is provided to the customer; the server side and the client are installed and deployed.
Trial run: confirm the small scale with the customer and deploy the client. The implementation group keeps track of the usage status at any time, and proposes solutions to the problems that arise, and negotiates with customers for the time needed to solve the problem.
Formal deployment: the overall deployment and operation of the system in the client application.
Customer service: after the completion of the project, the acceptance of the project is carried out by the executive director and the client. After the acceptance of the system training work.
The training services include system manuals, training materials and on-site training.
The system manual is composed of user manuals, user manuals, user manuals, etc.
Training materials include system operation process, system management, system usage and so on.
Field training includes providing system management training for system administrators, providing system user training for users.

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