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Guangzhou AiChuang Digital Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2005, ten years of brand, ten years of growth, we are a professional engaged in EPSON/ VIN machine / domestic machine and other large format printer output equipment and industry application system integrated supply. Business scope: cloth printing plant, clothing factory, advertising company, field output company, printing plant, gallery, decoration company, exhibition company, design company, leather printing plant provide professional equipment, including art reproduction, pre press digital proofing, thermal transfer digital printing, photo decorative painting output, CAD/GIS design and control. In the era of digital speed development, we continuously improve and improve after-sales support and maintenance team to provide large format printing technology support, consultation service and training for customers in various industries, so that the majority of users can enjoy more direct. More rapid service. Including EPSON/ Wuteng /MIMAKI, Roland and other large format printers, color management software and printer related accessories and consumables, the most potential business applications and markets, we will adhere to the consistent principle: the best competitive solution of quality products, the best service, and the lowest input to our users. Get the best returns. With the sincere cooperation with customers, the future is shared with the customers, thus promoting the overall development of the market of the large format printer, creating value, and reflecting the mutual service relationship between the enterprise and the customer. We assist our customers in product implementation and business development, saving costs, improving efficiency and creating value for our customers.

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